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Mustang Merchant Systems supports a variety of Terminals.
Mustang Merchant Systems has the product knowledge and know how required to provide you with the best equipment option at the right price.

Choosing The Right Equipment For Credit Card Processing Is No Different From Selecting Other Equipment For Your Business.  Certain Basic Questions Need To Be Addressed. Some Common Concerns Are What features do I need today and into the future?  Do I purchase or lease?  WHAT TYPE OF COMMUNICATION DO I NEED? Can I modify or upgrade my current equipment?  What type of manufacturer support is available?

In most cases we can even reprogram your present equipment provided it meets current Visa/MasterCard requirements.  Is this equipment proprietary to one or a few processors making it impossible to change processors in the future?  What is the reliability?

At Mustang Merchant Systems, YOUR needs drive our recommendations.

FOR EQUIPMENT INFORMATION, please reference our Web Site MORE INFORMATION tab and click on Equipment.. Please review this information in light of your needs. We will be happy to respond to any questions.

The equipment listed is a reflection of the most popular. For information on equipment not shown, please call 412-833-7400.
Lipman Terminals:
  • Nurit 2085
  • Nurit 3010
  • Nurit 8000
  • Nurit 202

Hypercom Terminals:
  • T7p
  • T7p Plus
Mustang Merchant Systems supports a variety of Lipman and Hypercom Terminals.
Mustang Merchant Systems supports a variety of Verifone and Eclipse Terminals. Verifone Terminals:
  • Tranz 330
  • Tranz 380
  • Tranz 460
  • Omni 3200
  • Omni 3750
  • P250 Printer
  • 1000 Pin Pad

Eclipse Terminals:
  • Eclipse
  • Thales Terminals
  • Talento