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Why Mustang Merchant System's is Just Better
"JUST BETTERSM" is a bold statement setting the tone for Mustang Merchant Systems.  So what does JUST BETTERSM mean and how does it benefit or bring value to merchants? Quite frankly there is no text book meaning to the statement since each individual has his/her own internal definition.  But to give some clarity, some of the most popular reasons are noted below:

Why Mustang Merchant System's is Just Better

  1. When you swipe your customer's card, we don't swipe your profits.

    Mustang Merchant Systems is committed to saving you money.  Low rates and how cards are processed are our specialties in reducing cost.

  2. Service and Support?  No one's more responsive than Mustang.

    We have access to your funds 24/7 -- so we feel it's only fair you have access to us on the same terms.  Customer care is our number one priority.  See the Support tab for all contact information.

  3. We make it easy to get started...

    With our simple, streamlined startup process, you'll be up and running with Mustang in no time -- with no hassle.  And all our systems and equipment are easy on your budget.

  4. And we make it easy for merchants to stick around.

    Mustang Merchant Systems does not charge the miscellaneous fees most processors charge just to do business with us.

  5. Our Web site is easy to navigate.

    You have plenty to do running your business -- you shouldn't have to waste time figuring out how to run your processor's business as well.  At Mustang, our Web site, like everything else in our company, is neat and orderly -- so you can easily make changes or additions to your account.

  6. We get your funds to you as quickly as possible.

    Mustang Merchant Systems never forgets that it's your money.  We offer some of the industry's fastest processing turnarounds -- sometimes as quick as twelve hours.

  7. We don't charge for the extras.

    In fact, we don't even think of them as extras.  Our early fraud-alert warning system and a subscription to our Mustang Advisor newsletter, with valuable tips and industry updates are just part of our commitment to "customer care."

  8. We provide a statement review, anytime, upon request.

    Mustang Merchant Systems is at your service.  If you say you need a statement review, you've got it, no questions asked, no hoops to jump through.

  9. We provide an online statement.

    Simple.  Accessible.  Convenient.  Cost-effective.  You value those qualities, and so do we, and our online statement delivers 'em all.

  10. We have personality.

    The payment processing industry tends to be pretty impersonal.  Faceless.  You'll find that Mustang is just the opposite -- we never forget that business is conducted by people, for people, and between people.  You'll always get top-notch personal service and support.  In fact, some of the characters here at Mustang may even make you laugh out loud now and then.