Mustang Merchant Systems - Just Better!
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Its customary, on the first page of a Web site, to review all the wonderful features of the business.  So why is SUPPORT OUR #1 OPTION?

Because, as a merchant in the family of Mustang Merchant Systems, you deserve the best possible support and that makes us JUST BETTERSM.

Mustang Merchant Systems provides complete merchant support and satisfaction.When you contact us, we ask that you state the purpose of the contact in as much detail as possible. And please remember your MERCHANT NUMBER is needed to access any files.

Our staff is unquestionably the finest in the industry. However, on occasion, there may be a situation where it is best to serve you by referring you to a specialist.  This is all part of our effort to give you the JUST BETTERSM service you expect and deserve.

Note: At times your call may be answered as Merchant Services. Not to be concerned, were all part of the same family.
Voice authorization: 1-800-228-1122-1
Address Verification: 1-800-228-1122-2
Bank phone number: 1-800-228-1122-3
Code 10: 1-800-228-1122-4
Code cancellation: 1-800-228-1122-5
Credit Card terminal support: 1-800-228-0210-1
Terminal programming: 1-800-228-0210-3
American Express authorization: 1-800-528-2121
American Express terminal help: 1-800-851-5948
American Express general: 1-800-528-5200
Discover: 1-800-347-2000
Telecheck authorization: 1-800-366-5010
Telecheck customer service: 1-800-366-2425
TeleCheck merchant services: 1-800-366-1054
YOUR PAY terminal support: 1-888-477-3611
Account Changes  
FAX requests to: 1-412-833-7470
General information: 1-412-833-7400
Note: So we may improve, please e-mail us about your support experience.